Ethnographic Research


How We Livin’ – An Intro to Ethnographic Research

“Connecting with other cultures expands possibilities – in work and in life – for ourselves as well as for others.”

Ethnographic research is a qualitative method, where researchers like myself, immerse ourselves in the lives, cultures, and environments of varying groups and subcultures. My work in this role has taken me into the heart of communities across the country, providing me with valuable insights and a unique understanding of the human truths/stories that drive culture in Britain.

Like with the rest of my work, I’m fuelled by a deep intrigue in people, in how and why we think. That appetite has led to numerous deep dive studies. These so far include projects on youth culture in London, the shifting scope of what it means to be a professional footballer, stress and social media among young professionals, and sneaker culture in London and Manchester. The insights that emerge from these projects have helped myself, and the brands/agencies that I’ve partnered with, re-shape brand strategies, structure campaigns and programme activations. 

At its most effective, ethnographic research is a peeling down of layers. In many ways, it has allowed me to see the country at its most raw and revealing, giving me true insight into how we feel about the communities that shape us and the external factors that define our lives.

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